Last Update: 2021-03-04

Privacy Policy

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Name and address of the controller

The controller and data privacy officer in terms of the GDPR and the new Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) hereinafter referred to as "we" or "us":

Andre Massow
Arminiusstr. 17
33100 Paderborn


Phone: 05251892396

VATIN: DE288347619

Personal information

We do not collect or store your personal information.


Your email address will only be used to process a purchase of credits and will not be stored by us after the order confirmation has been sent.

Name, Address, Phone Number

We do not request or store your name, address or phone number.

Log Files

We only store log files with anonymized IP addresses. These log files also contain request date/time, operating system identifier, requested page url, bytes served, user agent, referrer url and status codes which are not personal information. We store log files to ensure smooth operations and protection against attacks (e.g. DoS and DDoS attacks). Log files are deleted after 14 days.

Rate Limitation

To protect this service from abusive requests (eg. DOS and DDoS attacks) we temporarily store an anonymized IP address of the user's IP address as a hash value in our database. These entries are deleted after 60 minutes.

Image Uploads

We do not extract personal information from uploaded images.

The legal basis for the temporary storage of data and log files is Article 6 (1) point (e) of the GDPR in conjunction with Section 3 of the new BDSG.

Image Uploads

We never share uploaded images or the vectorized results with third parties.

All uploaded images are deleted automatically after 7 days.

Cookie Policy

Marketing Cookies

We do not use any marketing cookies.

Tracking Cookies

We do not use any cookies for tracking.

Cookies for Advertisements

We do not use any cookies for advertisements.

Necessary Cookies

We only use necessary cookies for some parts of this website which essentially require cookies to offer the functionality and therefore do not require consent. These necessary cookies are never used for marketing, advertising or tracking purposes.

  • Cookie: "credits"
    This cookies is technically required to offer the part of this website where a user can pay for downloads with credits. This cookie expires after up to 100 days.

Local Storage

Some parts of this website use the browser local storage feature to store several user configuration preferences on the computer of the user. Information stored using the local storage feature is never used for marketing, advertising or tracking purposes.

Third Parties

AffiliCon GmbH

The third party company AffiliCon GmbH • Hohenzollernring 5 • 50672 Köln ( ) is linked on our pricing page offering a possibility to pay for this service. Visit their privacy policy for more information.

After purchasing on their website we will receive an encrypted (SSL) callback request from them including some basic payment information including the name and email address of the buyer.

To complete the purchase we use the email address from the payment information to send the buyer a purchase confirmation email with further information on how to use the purchase. After this email has been sent, we remove all personal information like name and email address from the data set and we only store non-personal information like the invoice id and product id.

Because we do not store the personal information of the data set we consider the data as pseudonymized. It is pseudonymized because the invoice id is not personal information but we have the possibility to manually login into the AffiliCon GmbH customer backend where we have access to the invoices.

We only combine the invoice id we have stored with the invoices AffiliCon GmbH has stored in special cases where a buyer cancels the order or sends us a support request where we need this information to complete a support request. We will never use this possibility for marketing, advertising or tracking purposes.